2015 Summer Bucket List

I am going to ramble a bit before I share the print with you today!

We have been doing life. Mr. K did get that job, but after a lot of praying, we decided it wasn’t the direction God wanted us to go. Immediately after that he was informed of some changes happening at his job, so we are again just hanging out in God’s waiting room, holding onto His hands.

Today the family and I made a huge purchase. We bought our very own weed eater. We haven’t owned one for about 12 years. When we moved into town, we gave ours away because we were living in an apartment building. After we moved from there and through the various short term stays, we moved to the duplex, and our landlord mowed all the lawns on the block, so we didn’t have to worry about it. We haven been borrowing my sister to weed eat for us when it really needs it, so it was waaaay beyond time.  It was a long discussion on what to do, gas? battery? cord? We decided to go with a cordless model. One of the main reasons we decided to go that route was because then I can use it without having to mess with getting it started. I hate that part of lawn care. We have to wrestle with the mower, so having to spend extra time trying to start an additional machine made me want to freak out. The other weighing decision was long term cost. Paying for gas and oil and mixing it and just argh…. The reason I regaled you with that bunch of words was to tell you this: today we did lawn care. Got the garden tilled, put compost and manure on it, and ENLARGED it. I am so excited! We have to put up a big fence this year and build a gate. The rabbits and I have already started our battle. They ate some of my freshly planted flowers. mowed them clean off. So the battle is on!

We have Spinach coming up in the galvanized tub, planted carrots, dill and spearmint. So #koehngarden2015 is getting underway! Yeehaw people! Yeehaw! #stateofthegarden

It’s almost that time of year again! If you are looking to get your family’s brains moving and start planning your summer, here ya go!

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It’s finally spring… :)

I know it’s officially been spring for awhile, but everything is so green and blooming around here now that it finally feels like it. :)

Hosea 6:3(ESV)

 Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord;
    his going out is sure as the dawn;
he will come to us as the showers,
    as the spring rains that water the earth.











Drawing a Blank


I can not for the life of me come up with a title for this post. I feel like I only post when there is drama and I need to sort out my feelings, but that is where we find ourselves again this week. Family drama.

But the drama gave us an excellent excuse to do what we love to do….go on a drive and dream. And reconnect. And hash out what to do. And decide there is nothing to do because really, God has this. And we can let go.

mkoehn_2015_6This picture? That is where we find ourselves right now. As we speak.

The job stuff I told y’all about last time? Well it was more complicated then I let you know, there was another job we were waiting to hear from, that doubled our pay, but included a move. We still haven’t heard anything from that job…other than the recruiter who set it up telling us it was still active, and he hasn’t heard from them either, and if it was a no, then we would have heard already. So that was then…. this is now: we still know nothing about that job, Mr. K is the new boss at his job with barely a raise(plus there are still the other complications, of the things I am not allowed to talk about yet), and there is a job interview coming up for a different place soon. So the question is: GOD? What? HOW? What do we do? lol

Prayers would be hugely appreciated! We are clinging to this verse right now, and are praying that we will be in God’s will.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV)

 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

the other night we were out by the Platte River, to look at the birds, and it was just beautiful. :)




The texture of the river always fascinates me…




Well that went quickly! {music monday}


We have had a busy month or so working on projects. Not just here, but my family’s. Plus being sick. And well time slipped away from me really fast!

So. I got my living room/dining room painted! I have no pictures of it yet, other than what is on instagram. I haven’t really fiddled with my camera a lot lately, and  then I’m still trying to get over whatever this current round of sickness is. I. AM.TIRED.OF.COUGHING.



There have been some exciting and scary changes around here too. I don’t recall if I ever told you how God given this job was? It was. It was a miracle straight from the Lord in every way possible. We have found ourselves in a strange place over the last few weeks.

My husband’s supervisor left, which means he now has that job. And they might also be selling the company. So we are in the middle of a weird flux, and just sitting here in the waiting room. God has us here a lot lately. I am putting the worry off though, because honestly? I have no clue which part to worry about. There is a lot that I really can’t talk about here…so I am just letting God have it right now. I don’t think I can carry that weight around. At this moment in time I am having to just trust God’s Grace to get us through this weird patch. And that has taken me a lot of stumbling through the years to get to this point. He is already victorious over this. I have no need to fear, worry, or fret. I just need to rest in the knowledge that He is in control. He won’t lead us where we are not supposed to be.

mkoehn_2015_2 In other news…. Alyson’s birthday present is almost completed! Brad and I build her a bookshelf that looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

It still needs the back painted and put on, but it is almost there. We have had several projects going that have been getting redone or rethought out. So there isn’t much to show you right now. We are going to be making some changes to our living room soon in the form of furniture, so hopefully that comes together quicker than the curtains are! haha I was planning on making cornices to hang over our vertical blinds because those things extend so far out, but I decided nay on that, and we are working out the details on something else.

This weekend we put new side mirrors on the car, replaced the windshield wiper motor, and put in two new radios(one in our car and one in my sister’s pickup) Yesterday was also Mr. Koehn’s birthday! So we kept him busy so he wouldn’t think about how old and decrepit he is getting! 😉

Also: Favorite version of this song. EVER. Her voice is beautiful.

PeeWee Herman Quotes

Y’all remember PeeWee’s Big Adventure? Yeah, well I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved it. Watched it over and over. And every time it got to the Large Marge part I covered my eyes. Because I know you are, but what am I?

My sister and her family recently bought a house, and she watched PeeWee and realized that she loves it. It’s amazing the difference the 10, 12, 14  years between my sisters and I are, sometimes I forget that we didn’t grow up watching the same things. Or that they were too little to remember the things that I watched on a loop at their ages a long time ago…

So because I owe her a housewarming present, I made her these. 😉 I painted two clip boards and they look adorable. Now I just need to go grab a few things to round out the gift and get it delivered to her. :) And hug my little nephew Z of course.

Links to download under each sample. :)


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And just for fun, here are the spots in the movie these quotes come from.