Love Like Crazy – UglyLemonerd Print

Surprise! Not a garden post! hahaha

I’m sure y’all have heard the song Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. It’s getting to be an oldie now. lol Ya know, like a year or two. It’s a good song. Linked below in case ya feel like listening to it.

I’m changing up the art in the living room in preparation of painting. It will happen. It will. I’m praying that the money for the paint will fall into my lap. Well not those exact words but I know that it is a want that I need to pray about right now.

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love like crazy - uglylemonerd print 2014

love like crazy – uglylemonerd print 2014

State of the Garden update (7)

Big changes have happened in our garden over the last few weeks.


We pulled our zucchini. It had mold. But I treated the area and replanted for some hopefully fall zucchini. That’s the plan anyway. I also pulled all the marigolds that were out there. And the biggest news of all: planted broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower for fall harvests. I also pruned the tomatoes, and cut out some of the grass hopper eaten cucumber leaves and they are working on making a comeback. Which is good,, because we’d like to make more pickles. :)


Our pumpkin is turning orange!:) Hurrah!  We also have powdery mildew? on the pumpkins, but we treated that with Neem Oil and it is clearing up quickly! ugco_2gardenupdateaug2014_4

Also, we found 2 more today! Last night’s storm beat the stuffing out of the plants and when we went out there we found not one, but two more pumpkins!:) So double hurrah!  ugco_2gardenupdateaug2014_3




Our broccoli and carrots are planted here:



the cauliflower is here.




Here are some of the tomatoes I have canned. Over all I have done 20 jars in two different sizes. Just of tomatoes. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s more than we would have done at the other house last year, so it is a huge blessing! (Thanks Lord!)



We were also blessed with a gift of cucumbers, and we had quite a few pouring out of our ears, so we made 7 jars of bread and butter pickles. :) They were quite tasty!:) We split them up in the family. ugco_2gardenupdateaug2014_11

And well as you can see, our garden was good to us, but has had some issues, especially lately. Hopefully next year we will have things planned better, and will use the knowledge we gained this year to make things better next year.

I am super excited to see how the fall plantings come along!

How is your garden faring?

(as a side note: we started school today, so postings may be a little more sporadic as we get back into our school groove. and as another side note: I haven’t abandoned my shop, I just haven’t updated it because I am not a huge fan of the software we were trying. I am looking for a replacement, because I have lots of new designs.)

Living Room updates

I should have titled this post, So I painted the coffee table. But alas, I’ve already done that. A thousand times.  Last year I had an update in our living room where I brought in red and yellow.


I actually did more than painting the coffee table. I repainted some accessories, and made pillows and made progress on deciding on a color for the walls. I’m bringing in navy. I already have some yellow, and I don’t have major plans to bring in more of that right this very second, but who knows what will happen. ;) A lot of the yellow that I had brought in last year? I repainted it. Because it was a lot of yellow. So I knew I just needed a couple of items. Check.


That plant? It’s one of several that I have recently brought in to make up for the loss of my beloved burro’s tail, Maria. The one that you see up here? It’s name is Frodo. Or Gollum if you ask my nephew.



This is my favorite little area. I sit here to knit, hang out, etc.  ugco_houseupdate_aug2014_6

in the upper corner, you can see that I repainted the old scale from the farm Navy. It had been red. ;) I like it so much more than I thought possible.


I also repainted the chalkboard. Ignore the paint samples. I like to have them placed all over to check light throughout the day. After staring at it for awhile, none of those are going to be it. Also, this plant? Aragorn. Yip.


State of the Garden (6)

So I have a problem. And it’s name is Diabrotica undecimpunctata, otherwise known as the western spotted cucumber beetle. Supposedly.ugco_gardenupdateaug2014_11

Yeah. And everything I have found has only a couple of suggestions, the main one being hand picking them off and drowning them in soapy water. Ummm. Ewww. And NO. So I cry a little bit as I watch them eating my dahlias and making holes in my cucumber plants. I would pick them off the cucumber plants if I ever seen one on there, but I have only seen the damage to the leaves. Bugs. Ugh. The bane of my gardening.

I really wish I could start this year all over, because I’ve had to relearn some things after not having had a garden for forevvvvver. I know this year has been helpful in learning what to do next year.

So what I have here: (ignore the heavily laden tomatoes that still are toppling over all the supports that we put in there, seriously: Help?!? What do I do now?)
All gonna be different next year. I have some grandiose plans my pets. Lofty goals.


We have only had one regular tomato so far. But quite a few Romas. We pick 4-5 of those a day now!


Our zucchini production is still slow, which makes me sad, because we really do eat zucchini 4-5 times a week anyway. It was super convenient to just go pick them in the backyard instead of at the store. I’ve made them stuffed a few times now, and we are really loving them that way!

Still only the one pepper. And you can see how poor the plants look here. I put Epsom salt around them to help with the leaf curling, which was a success, but it didn’t really help anything else. Which is sad. Peppers are something we use several times a week too.

the pumpkin is turning into a monster. I turned him one morning, and when I went back out he had rolled back over. How does that happen? Why does that happen? Is someone messing with me?

This sticker is growing up next to the garden:

This petunia started growing in one the brick holes a few weeks ago. Random. It’s now turning kind of viney and is as tall as the chicken wire. Weirdness.


That’s it for the edible portion of the yard.

Aren’t my daisies beautiful? I grew those. (pat on the back.)



One of the bush varieties of dahlias ugco_gardenupdateaug2014_14

my hostas are about to bloom.


these orange/red gladiolus? is so random. Came from a package of purple bulbs. It was an awesome surprise. ;)  ugco_gardenupdateaug2014_12



Well Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow this week?