Paper Leaf Garland

I’ve been going to post this for more than a week now, but it’s been busy around here. Trying to get ready for a craft show, house falling apart, trying to kill our dryer, ya know, the usual. ;) I am still considering what to do with this space, but for now I have decided to keep using it as I was.

I still smile just to look at these, especially when the windows are open and they are fluttering. Happy little leaves that have my heart in them.

 One afternoon we just NEEDED to do something. No netflix, no ps3, just occupying them with something. So we made leaf garlands.

First have some cute kids color pages of paper for you. Let them go wild, or in the case of my daughter, not wild, but very controlled rectangles, either way, let them color!:)



After they have colored a bajillion and two pages, cut them into strips. And then fold the strips in half, and cut whatever leaf shape you want. I also had a sheet of gold glitter cardstock, and so we added gold leaves also.




Turn them upside down,and hot glue them to twine, or string, or thread, or whatever floats your boat.


We made so many leaves we were able to make 2 for us that are over 6 ft long, and one for Nephew C’s mom to hang up at his house.



Then hang them up and admire them until it’s time to take them down to replace with snowflakes. (i’m counting down the days. lol)

Sad Panda. :(



Here’s a little story about my plants, the Lord of the Rings characters.

One day I was so excited that I had kept some outdoor plants alive that I bought a houseplant. (you’ve seen Gollum/Stan here)



That little plant thrived. He grew so much I had to put him into a giant planter, and he was happy.



And so I decided one day to bring home another plant. And that plant also was happy.That 2nd plant led to another. And another. And another.





Soon I had 5 plants. FIVE.(and that included the death plant! aka a really cool looking aloe plant, which is death to me since I am allergic to it, ironic eh? Also allergic to benedryl. Go me. Nothing like being allergic to the things that help with allergies. Winning.) And they were all doing great!




One day I got selfish. And I decided to add another plant. I wasn’t absolutely in love with this plant, but I did it anyway. Terrible idea people. I should have stuck with 5!!!



That newest plant (who’s name was Kili because of the Hobbit) had gnats. And it spread those bugs to all the plants. I tried everything to get rid of them. I was unsuccessful. I researched, and researched. And then tested and tested.




One of the suggestions for getting rid the gnats was to sprinkle coffee grounds around the plants to kill the gnat larvae.It worked for about 3 days and our house smelled like a coffee shop. I’m here to tell you: don’t do that! Tonight I had to do something hard. I had to throw away all of my plants. They were all growing mold. Thick disgusting mold. And the bugs came back. I can’t handle that. I really can’t. I have huge bug phobias. And it doesn’t make sense to have air purifying plants if they are growing lung destroying mold. lol




So my question is this: How in the heck have I kept my family alive for 14 years if I can’t keep “easy to grow” plants alive for longer than a few months at a time? haha. Only sort of kidding. Seriously: sadness. I need to go research realistic plastic plants.

It’s been a long week.

This week has been a crazy week. My entire family could use your prayers as we are going through something that is a total mess. Please pray for healing and safety.

This week has also been vacation week!:) Which means it was also our anniversary! Yeehaw! I can’t imagine going through the last 14 years of marriage with anyone else. It’s been a wild and crazy ride that no one else could have ridden with me.

This week in between some craziness, we had a baby shower for my sister A, (it’s getting so close! I can’t wait to meet this little dude!) went on several sunset/sunrise drives, went to the museum, and hung out with each other. It’s been amazing.



I’ve been trying to decide what I should be sharing. What I shouldn’t be sharing. If I even still need this space. It’s been a lot of years that I have had a blog, but honestly: there are some personal reasons that make sense for us to get rid of this space.



I have found myself tempering the things that I share, just because there has been some sharing of the URL, and even though it is public, it makes me feel vulnerable for people I know to read my thoughts and stuff. I share a lot of my pictures here, but people don’t come here for that. Most people come for prints, and don’t look around much since they are after certain ones. I don’t do as many projects that I photograph for other people to see anymore, because it’s just not that convenient. My daughter is getting old enough that our projects together have turned into different things, and honestly: I just enjoy doing them with the kids and not having to worry about taking pictures.



But on the flip side, I love taking pictures, but if I don’t have a place to “share” them, what is the point? Because I already have a hard drive full of pictures that I don’t always look at it. See my dilemma? If ya take the personal safety part of it out of the situation, then I am confused. But if I take that out…. do I need to get rid of the space? But it is an expense that kind of hurts, and it is not like I’ve ever gotten any kind of money for this thing, but it used to be more for creative release. Who the heck knows anymore. I need to go to sleep.

So those are thoughts that are flipping around my brain.




I do have some other pictures to share at some point this week, these are all from the museum. ;) Those ducks were crazy. Completely crazy. They were literally attacking us for crackers.