I have a plant addiction.



This plant’s name is Gollum. That’s what happens when you let your daughter name your plants. (they have to have names. How else are they supposed to know which one you are talking to? and yes I talk to my plants. it helps them grow.)
He is actually the first plant that I got. He has grown considerably. He needed a new pot, and he is HUGE. So because we is poor, my only option was a gray kinda rubber planter from the Family Dollar. It was fairly cheap and large enough for the job, and that’s all that I required. Unfortunately my plant stand is one from hobby lobby that they had a long time ago on clearance, and it was made with only 3 legs. That is a danger waiting to happen my friend. Especially with nephews.  So I requested that my dad and Brad make me a crate on wheels to house this guy. They exceeded my expectations. It’s perfect. I stained it dark walnut and then taped off three stripes and added 00. They aren’t straight or perfect, but I was going for a faded, rustic look, and it looks awesome.







Please excuse my dust. I have since cleaned underneath this completely. With a broom and mop and stuff. It was lovely. For a day. Wood floors are always dirty. gah!



It’s Monday! Again!


So we have been spent this weekend sick. Very sick. It has not been pleasant here. Brad is the only one who hasn’t gotten this, I am hoping I am finally on the upswing and that Aly is too. We have that respiratory infection crud that has been going around. Not good. Not good at all. My pregnant sister had it first and it’s gradually made it’s way around the family. Currently I sound like a jazz musician and smell like Vicks and cough syrup. Sexy beast.

I was going to show you the crate or the headboard, but I think I will just share some sunset pictures from the other day. It’s about all I have energy for right now!




Farmhouse Table

I’ve always wanted a farmhouse table. Ya know the ones? Big chunky, thick top, worn smooth by use and scrubbing? Heavy overall because it was built for use and not for beauty, but was beautiful in all it’s simplicity? I finally got one!


It was a weekend of busyness over Labor Day. My garden got ripped up(between the slugs, the rain, the cucumber beetle, and the baby bunnies I found out WERE able to get in the chicken wire and were eating my fall plantings, it was time), we got tons of stuff canned, Brad, Aly and I built a headboard for Brad & I’s bed, then Brad and dad built my table(I painted, did the sanding on the top, special mixed the stain, stained, and poly-ed the top), had dad and Brad build me a crate for my big plant to help protect him{I’ll share those projects another day;) }


It’s  a pecan/walnut mix, and I think it came out beautiful! We already had our first guests around it last night, and we’ve spread our homework and other stuff all over it and it was amazing!


Thanks dad and Brad! You guys are awesome! (and mom for helping us put it all together when we got it all ready to go)


Love Like Crazy – UglyLemonerd Print

Surprise! Not a garden post! hahaha

I’m sure y’all have heard the song Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. It’s getting to be an oldie now. lol Ya know, like a year or two. It’s a good song. Linked below in case ya feel like listening to it.

I’m changing up the art in the living room in preparation of painting. It will happen. It will. I’m praying that the money for the paint will fall into my lap. Well not those exact words but I know that it is a want that I need to pray about right now.

::Links for the downloads::

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love like crazy - uglylemonerd print 2014
love like crazy – uglylemonerd print 2014