State of the garden address. Semi official. ;)


okay so I’m having a bit of a problem with my editing program, because of a computer switch so until I work that out I can’t use the big camera, which means you get to see phone pictures. And I couldn’t wait because I was so excited! For the last week I have been waylaid by back pain. I gimped out there every day but wasn’t able to do much. Aly helped me put our second application of tums. The calcium is helping guys! I have female flowers AND baby zucchini!

It only took forever!

Speaking of taking forever:


We have only harvested about 8 cherry tomatoes so far, and no regular tomatoes. Which is freaking sad. I keep calming myself down by being like hey self: it is okay! God knows that you need to harvest and can these… And eat them! But then it hits me that it is almost AUGUST. Panic. Sheer – jake from State Farm(I.e. Hideous) – panic.

They are taller than I am now.

 My peas are producing again! So the calcium was a winner!

We have brought in a few cucumbers… And they are taking over the world out there.

We have been discussing how it will look next season when we rotate crops and how things will be set up differently. Super stoked! 😉

My hydrangea is finally blooming. It is still not very tall or big…. But it is still alive!

Also: my boxwood is growing!

And the tums also helped the strawberries make a comeback!

So those are my exciting garden moments of the week! :)

I’d ask if you guys have any exciting harvest news but let’s face it: I yak at myself here. Lol

Road Trip & a sorta garden update…

Well hello there pretty peoples.


The other night after Mr. K got back from working out, we went for a drive. We barely had an hour before the sun set so it was just a short one. But it was glorious. At certain points, it wasn’t even worth taking a picture because there was no way to capture it. God did an amazing job.




And also: pivots. Pivots that are on at sunset. Always makes for interesting photos. Even driving by them fast. 😉 I don’t know what it would be like not to drive and see pivots, and fields full of crops. My life would be weird if that were to happen after oh… my entire life!









So now onto the mini garden update because it’s Wednesday: my cucumbers have taken off and are taking over the garden and fence. We picked our first cucumber today. Got some cherry tomatoes. The newest zucchini plant is growing like crazy, but I’m honestly worried about it, because my original plant is not producing female flowers. I was all ready to hand pollinate them, since I wasn’t getting any fruit yet. But no females. What gives? I have researched this and hand pollination until Google has to think I’m some kind of creeper on the poor zucchini population.

Mr. K and I pulled the carrots a week or so ago since something was getting to them. My peas have stalled out and if they aren’t doing better by the weekend I will probably pull them and plant an additional zucchini or maybe the cucumber seeds I got from seedsnow to test for next year….. I know that gardening takes patience. I do. I just have limited amounts. Especially when things seem like they are doing well and then just stop. I added crushed tums to my soil around all the plants, because I was having some blossom drop on my tomatoes. The garden is full of bees and butterflies, so I am just playing the waiting game I guess. The tomato plants are full of tomatoes, I just want to make sure they keep producing so I have lots of tomatoes to can. lol

I have wildflower seeds coming so I can plant them around and try to draw in more pollinators. Hopefully it’s not too late in the season.

So how is your garden doing? Have you gone on a sunset drive lately?

Testing something out…

hmmm… Trying out this posting from my phone thing again. Thought I’d see if the app was improved. 😉 

And as a plus: you can see my cherry tomatoes! :) 

How cute are they?!? I was out for 30 minutes or so this morning tying up the tomatoes. Those things are crazy y’all. Just going nutso out there! You should see the zucchini coming up where the onions are! It’s all so exciting! I can’t wait to start harvesting!   

State of the Garden Address {5}


Well hello there. I am late to the garden party. Shocker! Things are growing along rather quickly now! We are moving and grooving baby!

Our tomatoes have entered the jungle stage. It’s amazing. It’s glorious.



We harvest peas almost daily. They are a crazy tangle. ul_4gardenjune15_5



The zucchini went from oh look! there are the buds and they are super tiny one day… to the next day: HOLY COW! Look! They opened up! Those amazing, beautiful things! ul_4gardenjune15_3

We have tiny little cucumbers: as you probably already know if you follow me on instagram. We also have blooms happening everywhere.


sunlight, not a disease. lolul_4gardenjune15_4

this guy is spindly. I don’t know why. He is frustrating me. ul_4gardenjune15_12ul_4gardenjune15_16

There are serious carrots happening around here too. CARROTS!

These were the last two strawberries on our plant for right now…. the kids ate them right after these pictures. As a side note: How cute are 4 1/2 year old’s hands? ul_4gardenjune15_2

ul_4gardenjune15_1The only onions we have left are the ones surrounding the tomatoes. I’m going to plant more zucchini here in a few days. Giving it time to rest. 😉 ul_4gardenjune15_13

Tomatoes make you think….




I’m obviously not a doctor. And I’m obviously not talking about how they affect your health. They are good for you though. And I love them, even though they make my mouth break out in bumps and my throat start to swell. A fresh from the garden tomato on toast with mayo, salt and pepper? Totally worth it.

But back to my deep thoughts…

We always had a garden growing up. Everyone I knew had a garden. My maternal grandparents had one, and I remember watching grandpa out there working, and it being so exciting to get to help him even a little bit. Then I got older, and mom had a garden in both the main houses that I grew up in, and on several occasions our gardens were HUGE, and it wasn’t so exciting to work in the garden as I got older. But there came a time when I didn’t have room for one for myself. Unfortunately, that was when I found myself longing for one. I needed it. I needed to grow food to help with my family’s grocery budget, and I couldn’t. Which was hard.  I hadn’t had room for a garden in 12 years. IN those 12 years lots of things happened. Things that weren’t great. Things that were scary. Things that just plain sucked. Things that were so amazing that it hurt. Things that blessed us. Things that were hard to see, and if I’m honest are still hard to see the reasons for. It’s easy to fall into a space of self pity and whining. It’s not so easy to climb out of that pit.

Then we were blessed with this house, which has a huge backyard and kind landlord who gave us permission to plant a garden.

So for the last two summers I have planted these baby tomatoes and hoped, waited, anxiously searching for the fruit to finally start appearing. For some reason I worry that they wont bear fruit, or if they do that something will happen to it: bugs, blight, etc… I know now that it’s an inward thing for me(not that I’m not actually worried about the tomatoes, I am. I check them for illness, cheer them on OUT LOUD when I’m out working in the garden, water them carefully, fertilize them, dust them for bugs, etc…)

Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control.

I worry that I am not bearing good fruit. That I am failing God, my husband and daughter, and all the people that are in my life. I let the bugs of worry burrow into my joy. I let the blight of bitterness attack my peace and kindness. I let the horn worms of everyday irritations and problems chew through the gentleness and goodness of my soul. I let weeds bring in the bad pests that breed and spoil my love and self control.

In short? I am a mess. But thank God Almighty that He loves me anyway, and He is filled with grace, even when I am failing. Even when I can’t see the good. Even when I question everything that life has thrown at me. Even when I wonder why ME?

Thanks Lord, for never giving up on me. Thanks for always refining me, and reshaping me, but most of all Jesus? Thank you for forgiving me. I need it.