State of the garden address {4}


I am actually not sure where to start this one today. Everything has just started falling apart. My onions are being eaten, and not by me. I have a dying tomato plant, my cucumbers aren’t growing, and there is one vine that is dead.

I am confused? I’m assuming it’s bugs of some sort. I can’t figure out what though. And I am not sure how to treat them. I don’t want to just chemicals, but I’ve been doing the soap method, and all the other organic bug treatments and they aren’t helping.

So today, I am going to go get food grade¬†diatomaceous earth. It’s not what I wanted, but I also didn’t want to not eat any of the fruit of our labor. So off to Tractor Supply I shall be going later! Next week we will discuss how it worked. Or we will see if I am currently in the corner crying because all my plants died and the bugs live. ūüėČ

I need to pull the damaged plants today when I am out there working on everything else.

Here are my damaged onions and tomato plant. Not pictured: one tiny vine of cucumber plant that also did the same thing.




Let’s move onto the healthy for now plants, shall we?

Zucchini and peas are coming along quite well!





So well in fact that we have actual blossoms! Yay!ul_3gardenjune15_5


Look at these giants go!




And we have tomatoes! Tomatoes!!!!!!ul_3gardenjune15_8



The strawberries are kind of on a stall…. but we are just watching them…



My cucumbers are S.L.O.W. this year. The first ones I planted? WAAAAY smaller than the second planting! And they aren’t in any hurry to get longer… I know that once they do they will grow so fast I can’t keep up, that’s the only thing keeping me from camping out there murmuring sweet encouragements in their “ears”….well that and bugs. And the fact that I am a delicate flower and don’t like heat. And I sweat like a swimming pool. So there’s that….



How do your plants look this week? Am I the only one battling bugs right this second?

State of the Garden Address {3}


So what’s new in your ‘hood? Anything interesting growing? Anything bolted? A couple of my onions bolted. I chased them down as fast as I could…. but I’m not as fast as I used to be. ūüėČ ¬†*crickets chirping*


I didn’t take the big camera out, because I was weeding and stuff, so I only have phone pictures for y’all today. If you¬†follow me on instagram or snapchat, chances are you have seen some different pictures of my garden and the things of the garden. ūüėČ Including children running through the sprinklers right outside while we water.

We have harvested roughly 8 strawberries. We are beyond thrilled.

 Garden updates

Our carrots are looking good. As far as I can tell anyway!



Garden updates


The cucumber patches are growing to the point where I seen a few vines. I about squealed. I’ve since fixed the lovely paper job under there…. gonna strangle those weeds….

Garden updates

Garden updates


Our peas…..they are doing their best. I’m not judging. I’m just giving them serious side eye since it could be another zucchini patch…..

Garden updates


The onions. I’m not sure I’m a good onion grower…. I’m not sure how you classify a good onion farmer…but I gather they don’t bolt… lolGarden updates


Oh tomatoes. Sweet, sweet tomatoes…. Look at you go.

I’ve seen several things that said baking soda gives your tomatoes a sweeter flavor. Anyone know if that’s true? Anyone have any tried and true methods for using the vine method instead of staking or caging? I got them tied up on Sunday, but I’m just not sure… Argh! The learning curve on new methods!

Garden updates

Garden updates

Garden updates


I’m looking forward to enjoying some zucchini. I miss it! I was hoping we would have an over abundance last year, but we didn’t… So I am going to do some stagger planting this year with them to hopefully get more and make it stretch out…. I’m giving you the side eye pea area….

I also seen that some people cage them. Does that actually do anything? Other than save some space? Does it make it easier to get to the zucchini? What am I missing?

Garden updates

State of the Garden Address {2}


I’m so sorry I missed last week! We had a painting job to do, then this weekend we had birthdays and celebrated Father’s Day early for my dad. But good news: this week has lots of growth!



When we last left the tomatoes, they were but wee little fellas. Today I was able to weave them up the fence trellis a few sections. I’ve been picking the blooms back and pruning the vines, but after today I’m letting the blooms go. grow me some tomatoes!:)¬†ul_2gardenjune15_11


The back section of slicers.ul_2gardenjune15_10


Our onions are go getters. I thought about taking my yard stick out there to measure for height. But ya know, I already had my camera out there and the neighbors already think we are pretty odd. But next week I am doing it. ul_2gardenjune15_4



Oh look at those peas….they are growing like weeds. Speaking of peas… My mom planted hers way before I did, and she was showing me the pods she has growing. So of course I snatched it off and ate it. It was delicious and I am a jerk.¬†ul_2gardenjune15_9


My cucumbers are doing good. They are on second leaves, and getting taller.ul_2gardenjune15_6





But this. this is my pride and joy. My love. My one and only. My beloved. The ZUCCHINI LIVES PEOPLE! It grew F.A.S.T.

So long bare, hopeful spot. Hello active greenery!ul_2gardenjune15_8

OH! And we finally have strawberries actually growing….ul_2gardenjune15_2


and changing color! It’s excitement for two kids. And me. Even though I’m allergic to them, I love them. And I’ve been waiting for them.ul_2gardenjune15_1


To distract your eyes and minds from the fact that my spinach killed itself off, and I didn’t check my carrots today, but they were doing good two days ago, I shall show you some plants in my back yard. Mmmmmmkay? mmmmkay.

This is a flowering shrub I planted. It literally said flowering shrub. I do not know what kind, but it’s purple and pretty!ul_2gardenjune15_3


Here are my petunias. In this basket was also some stuff that has died off, but these are thriving. They are the only ones in 4 baskets that are growing and blooming. It’s weird. I am about to give up on flowers. They hate me.



and these are my morning glories. I’m going to ¬†train them on the fence. ¬†ul_2gardenjune15_13


I would show you my sunflower that I was growing…. but my husband weed eated it down. The only time he has used the weed eater this year and he got my sunflower.

How is your garden growing this week? Any new developments? Any plants kill themselves?

Jelly Fish (2 easy crafts for kids)


Today we learned about jellyfish. Aly found some easy crafts to do with Nephew C.¬†with items we had around the house. (also: real life alert: that is my coupon basket. I didn’t see the need to pretend it doesn’t exist there, because it lives there. Always. =p )

Random Facts about JellyFish

  • Some jellyfish glow in the dark.
  • Some jellyfish are as small¬†as a pinhead.
  • Some are bigger than humans.
  • Jellyfish are not actually fish.
  • A group of jelly fish is called a bloom.
  • Jellyfish do not have a respiratory system.



Supplies Needed:

  • paint
  • Styrofoam plates
  • brushes
  • paper bags
  • water
  • paper towels


Paint the bags. I squirted paint on Nephew C’s plate and helped him load his brush. They had fun just painting away.

After they are dry, cut the bottom into strips. We know that most jellyfish don’t have eyes, but we gave them eyes anyway. ūüėČ






Hang up with thread. Easy Peasy.



The next one involved more plates, thread, tape, scissors, and tissue paper.



Cut strips of tissue paper.




Tape some long ones into the middle.



And shorter ones around the outer edges.



Let the little people decide to draw on theirs with sharpies. He did remember that the mouths are on the underside of the bell.




add thread to hang them, and let the kids admire their handy work.