State of the Garden (5)


We actually harvested some veggies other than zucchini this week! Yay! Yay! Happy Dance!


those tomatoes? VERY first. And they were delicious. Well at least one was! The other I took to my mom to eat. The cucumbers were the most delicious things ever.


I know I should wait to pick the tomatoes, but these were pinched in the cages under the plants so they called to me. Our tomatoes are not dealing with the heat well. They got so top heavy that they are literally falling over and taking the cages too. Put in a few more supports but I need to get stronger ones.

I think my spinach is a goner.

But my pumpkin is coming along nicely. It’s the only one on this huge plant, with lots of blooms.


as you can see above our cucumbers are booming! :)



 And that is our first pepper up there. :)

How is your garden growing this week? Is the heat getting to it?

My life as a tomato.


Weird title I know. I had a bit of a revelation today during my devotion and prayer time.


I was talking to God about my tomatoes, and how I was worried they were never going to mature and turn red and juicy. And then I wondered: Does the Great Gardner see me as a tomato? Are there moments in time when He is just anxiously awaiting my maturity as a Christian?

I know he already knows the end result of my life. He already knows how I will finish out each moment, of each day, in each week, month, year I have left. I know He knows all the beginnings, the ends, the bad, the good, the somewhere in the middles, and I know that He is victorious over it all….


I have watched these tomato plants take root in my garden and flourish, I have seen them grow big and strong. I have watched with anxious joy as they bloomed, and shouted with joy as I watched the fruits start to develop, and now I am in a holding pattern watching them move forward at such a snails pace that I am worried that I will give up before I see the results.

I feel that way in my faith sometimes. Sometimes I worry that I will never see results of  the trials and fires that I go through. I get disturbed by the old patterns I see emerging from myself occasionally. I wonder how long I have before God gives up on me and moves on to someone who is ripening faster than I am (answer: NEVER. He isn’t going to give up on you either)  I question how it’s possible that God can keep on loving me, even though I am a giant screw up and always seem to say/do the wrong thing.

The good news is, this isn’t a race. God isn’t timing me and disqualifying me if I don’t get to a certain point in faith by such and such time.  He is on the sidelines always cheering me on, giving me the encouragement I need to get through each moment, even when it’s most painful. He meets me where I am and helps me finish strong, even if He is carrying me at my weakest point.


It’s a good thing He isn’t as impatient with me maturing as I am my tomatoes.

..: Lead me to the Cross :.. Chris and Conrad

{this is my favorite version of this song}

p.s. I am every bit as obsessed with my garden as it would seem from the fact that it’s all I post about these days, I am trying to come up with things to post, but we are at a standstill here lately. Doing things, but nothing seems worthy of sharing, because we are all too in the moment of doing it, which is a good thing! family memories are better than anything.

State of the garden(4)~ On a Saturday! (sorry)


I have no excuse for not posting, I actually took the pictures yesterday. I spent the whole day rearranging my house and then last night I was transplanting some of the monster marigolds that I suspect are taking the nutrients and moisture from my peppers and spinach…. They will hopefully be happy in their new home under the girlie’s window. We have also been nursing along the front flower beds, and adding clearanced plants and bushes. The other day my Mummy, sisters, Girlie, and Nephew C helped me put newspaper and rock downout there. It looks so much better than it did! It took 12 bags of rock, and I actually have to hit up Menards today and get 3-4 more bags to finish filling in.







one of my dahliasugco_julygarden2_9


planted some azaleas. One back here and one up front. I’m excited to see if they do well.ugco_julygarden2_8

these hostas are growing along the side of the house. I need to transplant some of them to different areas. ugco_julygarden2_7

I planted more spinach, my one patch isn’t as healthy as it once was. And the other is growing very slowly. We’ve still been harvesting it and eating it. And it is delicious. Speaking of harvesting: We are getting zucchini every single day for the last 5 days. The first one was a big one, and I have no idea how I missed him for a few days! Crazy little guys! There is a picture of the first two on the instagram slideshow to your right. ;)


Here is our first pumpkin! Isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


We have tons of cucumbers but none ready to harvest yet. ;) Almost my pretties….almost.



Our backyard fence neighbor painted their side of the fence with a sprayer. Almost all of my tomatoes look like this. There may have been threats of dome punches to old ladies muttered under my breath, and to Brad, and anyone within ear shot that day. That lady has been a pain about the fence since we moved in. She wanted to take it down completely. Anyway. That is not the point of this post. You don’t want to hear about my wretched moments that happen in my heart when I think of my neighbors. I’m working on that. I am. Pray for me, k?


On to the tomatoes: We haven’t had any ripe ones yet. I’m worried they will all ripen at once, and I won’t have jars ready or anything. It’s a nightmare that is keeping me up. lol ugco_julygarden2_15




So how does your garden grow this week?

State of the Garden (3)

So last week I didn’t take any pictures of my garden. I was way too busy taking pictures of the fireworks. ;)


Some days I look out the patio door and I just can’t believe that God has blessed us in this way. I mean look at it:



Last year we were in a duplex and had next to nothing for a yard and a few spindly plants that didn’t produce anything watching our plants rush to die before the 4th of July. This year we have a huge yard, with a good sized garden that is flourishing despite my not green thumb. Our front yard flowers are filling in as I add in new clearance flowers, and I think I only lost 1 plant out there, which is a huge improvement!

I am so thankful that God has allowed me a chance to spend time with Alyson and to watch His hand at work as He makes this garden grow, not just the one in my backyard, but the one in my heart.

Philippians 1:6  (NKJV) Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;

Our Pumpkins are going crazy. ;)  I can’t wait till Fall! hehe



Our cucumbers are starting to appear! Yay! Creamy Cucumbers I see you in my future!



Got zucchini flowers out the wazoo. Here’s hoping that they turn into zucchini very quickly!

our peppers are starting to bud. #yay

And our tomatoes…. well they live in their own giant world. The garden actually is down about 2-3 inches from the rest of the yard and I stood next to them and they hit me mid chest, I measured that in the house and it was about 47 inches tall. I can no longer see any type of cages supporting them, I am assuming they haven’t been eaten by the giant plants. But we won’t know for certain until fall. None of them have turned yet, but I am hoping they will soon. Otherwise that would be a cruel joke. lol



How does your garden grow?

4th of July Roundup. ;)

So as you know the 4th was Friday. Which means I am not doing a garden post until the 11th. :) I can give ya a bit of an update, but no pictures. We have tomatoes, none red. We have super tiny cucumbers coming in. And our zucchini and pumpkins have huge blooms. :) We have harvested spinach a few times, and actually used some on the 4th to make a salad for our picnic. It was pretty good. ;)

Today, this girlie, got a haircut to try to blend away some of the short strands that are growing back in from the shave/butcher job.

ugco_july14_26 So her hair no longer looks like that.;P It’s majorly short now.

Here are fireworks. Only a handful though because honestly? I would have been spinning in a circle. There were tons going off all around us at mom and dad’s.